Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it has added the Oceanside A-Team to begin play next season.  “This is a very special team,” stated ABA CEO.Joe Newman.   “The A-Team stands for autism – and the support and awareness of autism that owner Jeffrey Stein will provide with his ABA team as a vehicle.  We are very pleased and and proud to have them in the ABA.”
Jeffrey Stein is an attorney with more than 30 years experience in the legal profession and business world.
He is CEO of BajaGoldCo,Inc, which has the rights to the Rens-Diaz gold mine  in Real Del Castillo, Baja Mexico.  He is also the Owner of International Legal Consultants as well as the Chairman and Founder of Jobs for Autism Inc an organization that helps those with autism find good jobs.   :”I am truly excited about being a part of the ABA.  I am a basketball fan.  But I am doing this because I truly believe that it can be a great way to create more awareness of autism and to help educate the public about autism, and hopefully to raise money for autism research.  We are going to do some things at our games that have not been done before to achieve these goals.  The support we’ve received from the Oceanside community since our initial
plans were announced has been nothing short of phenomenal and we appreciate the way the ABA has worked with us to help make this happen.  Watch out for the A-Team.”
For more information, contact Jeffrey Stein at 858 829 4507 or email or visit