Indianapolis. IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com today announced that it has added a second team to Memphis, TN starting next season. “We felt that Memphis could certainly support two good ABA teams,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman. “With the Memphis Bluff City Reign and the new Memphis Lions, it should create quite a rivalry and also provide more players with an opportunity to play professional basketball. And we are very pleased with this new ownership group too.”

The team will be owned by two sisters, DePaula Ross and Marcelina Glover. DePaula was born in Memphis and attended the University of Memphis, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration Management. She is currently working on her doctorate degree at the University of Memphis in Instructional Design and Technology. She is also a Learning and Performance Improvement Manager at a local specialty pharmacy and owns an instructional design company, Creative Designs Consulting.

Marcelina was born in Okinawa, Japan and attended the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Medical Technology and is a full-time Microbiologist for a local Memphis pathology la lab.”

DePaula and Marcelina join a host of other women owners in the ABA, the US most-diversified professional sports league. “Our goal is the make the Memphis Lions one of the best teams in the ABA, on and off the court,” stated Ms. Ross. “We know what it takes to have a successful basketball team; we also know what it takes to become a serious and important part of the community – and we will work very hard to accomplish both.” For more information, email depaulaross@gmail.com or call 901 562 3230 or visit www.abalive.com.