Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association I(ABA) today announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Proud to Serve America  “Though only a few months old, Proud to Serve America has grown quickly,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO. “We are very proud to be part of this organization that honors our military, police, firefighters and teachers by providing donations from its various initiatives.”
“Proud to Serve America was designed to support those who protect our freedom, provide safety and security and help improve the quality of lives of our children,:” added Don Sanchez, co-founder  of Proud to Serve America.  “What started as an effort to sell coffee (, the brand now includes a variety of products, services and initiatives – and is still growing.  Working with several national organizations, Proud to Serve America is our way of saying thank you for doing what you do for all of us.”
Current Proud to Serve America divisions include:
Proud to Serve America Channel (, an internet radio channel providing programming of interest to the military, police, firefighters and teachers as well as classical music and other programming.  Content is also provided by the Military Appreciation Channel, www.  The division is headed by Ron Crider, CEO of GAB Radio Network and co-founder of Proud to Serve America.
Proud to Serve Coffee ( offers six blends of premium quality roasted coffee.
This division is headed by Don Sanchez.
Proud to Serve Wireless ( offers 20-50% savings on wireless cell phone service with no contract, no credit check, using your same phone and phone number. This division is headed by Arnie Goldberg.
Proud to Serve America Club ( offers a membership that includes savings at retailers nationwide as well as a handsome lapel pin and other benefits.  This division is headed by Harold Whaley.
Proud to Serve Jewelry ( offers a variety of watches, necklaces, charm bracelets, medallions and other pieces.  This division is headed by Abdur Shabazz.
Proud to Serve Websites ( offers special low price websites for small businesses.  This division is headed by Marc Gilliatt.
Proud to Serve America Entertainment.  ( will begin a series of 50 concerts nationwide in January featuring top recording artists.  This division is headed by Buddy Walker, CEO of ABA Entertainment.  The division will also conduct the Proud to Serve America Talent Search,
a Proud to Serve America Music Channel and Proud to Serve America Records.
Proud to Serve America Abroad.  This division will market Proud to Serve America products and services to military bases throughout the world and is headed by Joleen Castro from her offices in Guam.
Proud to Serve America Sales.  This division will supervise a national sales organization to place Proud to Serve America products and services into retail locations as well as to develop fund-raising programs
for schools, churches and not-for-profit organizations. The division will be headed by Patrice Dyer.
“And in addition to all of these products and services, now on the drawing board is Proud to Serve America Merchandise and Apparel, Proud to Serve America Trading Cards, and Proud to Serve America Coins,” added Sanchez.  “And with every sale, we’ll be helping to support our military, police, firefighters and teachers.”  For more information, visit or