Indianapolis, IN. The American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com today announced that it will have a team in Vancouver, BC starting with the 2014-15 season which begins in November. “This is long overdue,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO. “We have always considered Vancouver to be one of the best potential ABA cities since the Grizzlies left there several years ago. We have been waiting for just the right owner to help maximize the potential of this fabulous city – and in Dave Poon Tip, we have found just that person. We are genuinely excited to have Dave and the City of Vancouver as part of the ABA.”

The team will be owned by Victory Sports Camps, a not-for-profit organization based in Burnaby, BC. According to Mr. Poon Tip, “The team will give local college and university graduates an opportunity to compete at the next level on their path to pro basketball if that is their eventual goal. In speaking with
Lawrie Johns, the Director of Basketball BC, he agreed that there has been a need for this stepping stone for local players for many years.”

The Balloholics are currently a youth-based program providing classes from grades 2-9 year round and is a member of Steve Nash Youth Basketball and the AAU (www.balloholic.com). Established in 2006 and starting with a dozen students, VSC has grown to over 400 registrations in the past few years.

“The Balloholics will be expanding and revamping our entire youth program this fall to support the operation of the senior ABA team (www.aba.balloholic.com ),” added Poon Tip. “We are looking forward to the challenge and have started our journey to the ABA.”

The Vancouver Balloholics will be part of the new ABA Canada West, a division that is managed by Sal Rashidian, owner of the Calgary Crush. The goal is to add several additional teams in Western Canada. For more information, email info@balloholic.com  or visit www.aba.balloholic.com. Or www.abalive.com.