Indianapolis, IN.  Since the re-birth of the American Basketball Association (ABA) in 2000, there have been several thousand players, coaches, officials, owners, management, staff, sponsors, volunteers and interns who have been a part of this great league, now the largest professional sports league in the US.  The growth has been very exciting and we appreciate all who have contributed to its amazing success.
The ABA Alumni Association is an organization designed to bring together this wonderful group of people.  Without every person, we would not have been able to offer thousands of players an opportunity to play at the professional level or coaches to coach and officials to officiate.  We would not have been able to provide many full and part time jobs and chances for young people to gain valuable experience in sports management and sports marketing…and for fans to see exciting professional basketball at affordable prices.
Those who have been a part of the ABA have helped in some way to provide support for so many community organizations and to help mentor our youth.  And of course, the ABA Bullies are Cowards program, Fast Break for Reading, Food for Heroes, Warrior Stay and other programs have benefited greatly from your support.
Membership in the ABA Alumni Association will provide members with extraordinary discounts at retailers across the nation as well as discounts on ABA and team merchandise plus discounts on tickets to ABA games.  It will also serve as the basis for a major social media initiative.  To join the ABA Alumni Association, please visit and click on the ABA Alumni Association membership card.
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