Indianapolis, IN.  .  ABA Entertainment, a division of the  American Basketball Association (ABA), in association with AMC  Nashville Records today announced that it will launch a major 50 city concert  tour this fall coinciding with the start of the ABA season.  “This is  something we have wanted to do for many years,:” stated ABA CEO Joe  Newman.  “And now we have finally fused music with sports as no other  league has ever done.  The tour is being named the “Proud to Serve Coffee”  series with proceeds going veterans, firefighters, police and teachers.”
“I am extremely happy to be working closely with recording artist Rickey  Watson, CEO of AMC Nashville Records,” to put this concert series together,”  added Buddy Walker, ABA Entertainment CEO.  “Rickey and I have worked  together for many years; his knowledge and experience in the industry is immense  – and with the added bonus of helping those who serve our country and improve  the quality of life for our citizens – makes the series even more  exciting.”
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