Indianapolis, IN. How would you like major discounts at Target, Kohls, Nike, Sports Authority, Macys, Barnes & Noble and thousands of retailers nationwide – discounts on business and office supplies, men’s and women’s fashions, insurance, gifts, home and garden, electronics and furniture, books, travel, sports and fitness?  “As a member of the ABA Fastbreak VIP, that’s only a small part of the amazing  benefits you’ll receive,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO.  “The Fastbreak VIP is a combination season ticket/benefit program that will enable ABA season ticket holders to enjoy ABA games as well as receiving savings on everything they buy.”
The Fastbreak VIP is a first in the sports and entertainment industry.  The concept was created by Harold Whaley, the ABA’s VP of Strategic Development and Buddy Walker, CEO of ABA Entertainment. “We think this revolutionizes sports season tickets and there is no additional cost for the season ticket,” added Whaley.  “Fastbreak VIP cards (looks like a credit card) admits you to the games,
gets you huge benefits at America’s leading companies, and you’ll even be able to download music at no cost as well as purchase team merchandise at special discounts. No longer will season ticket holders have to keep a book of tickets. Simply walk up, show your Fastbreak VIP card and walk into the game.”
“ABA Entertainment is planning a series of Proud to Serve Concerts this summer and full honoring those who served in the military, police,  firefighters and teachers,” commented Walker.”Fastbreak VIP members will also receive substantial discounts to the concerts and  onmerchandise.  And we’ll keep adding more benefits making an ABA season ticket the best sports and entertainment value in the US.  There’s nothing quite like it.”  For more information, contact Harold Whaley at or Buddy Walker at or visit or call your favorite ABA team.
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