Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it will officially introduce the ABA Summer Pro Basketball League this year with play to begin in May or June. “This has been a long time coming,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman. “And we probably should have done it sooner.  We have always had requests from NBA, NBDL and international teams to provide an opportunity for players to compete at a high level during the summer and to be able to provide footage and stats for players.  Putting the ABA brand behind the ABA Summer Pro Basketball League should help attract teams and players.”

The ABA Summer Pro Basketball League will be under the supervision and direction of Don Sanchez, owner of the ABA Los Angeles SLAM and Tom Chichester, ABA Director of Officials, assisted by Kevin Williams, owner of the ABA Houston Xperience.
“The objective of ABASPBL will be to create a series of divisions throughout the US similar to the current ABA format,” added Sanchez.  “The ABASPBL will be open to ABA teams, teams from other leagues, free agent teams and independent teams.  Of major importance is that it will give an opportunity for recent college graduates to play at the professional level, gain experience as well as to provide a resume and game tape for scouts, including ABA teams.”
“This will also be a great training ground for ABA officials as well as summertime opportunities for current ABA officials,” commented Chichester.  “ABA rules will be used as well as the official red, white and blue basketballs. We will also be testing some new rules that will make the game even faster and more exciting.”
An ABASBL page is being prepared for the ABA website.
If your team is interested in more information or participating, please contact Don Sanchez at or call Don at 818 572 5332 or if you are an official interested in more information or participating, please contact Tom Chichester at or call Tom at 585 329 0707.  If you are interested in playing in the Southeast or Southwest, you can also contact Kevin Williams
at  or call Kevin at (832) 545-5592.  Or visit