Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that it will add the William Tucker University Freedom Eagles to the league beginning in the 2014 season.  “This has never before been done,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman.  “But the ABA is all about innovation and creativity…and we are very excited about this.  We have met a rare individual in Shaun Brown, President of William Tucker University, whose vision for the future of her school is extraordinary.”
William Tucker University is being established in honor of William Tucker, the first Black child born in America in Fort Monroe VA.  “We saw a great opportunity to move forward with a new model that includes an online university with student housing and an opportunity for part-time and full-time students to play at the professional level at the same time,” added Ms. Brown.   “We’ll be located in Newport News VA and we hope that the Freedom Eagles will become an integral part of the Peninsula and the State of Virginia.”
The Freedom Eagles will be one of nearly 100 teams in the ABA next season.  “I want people to wake up in the morning, go to school or work and brag about their team,” she commented.  “Everyone can even support the Freedom Riders this holiday season by supporting the Newport News, VA 12th North District Holiday Food Drive on Saturday December 14th.”
“We have waited to enter into the 2014 season so that there will be more time to engage the community, create fundraising opportunities for local non-profits and find the best players.  In 2014, we will provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere for families and sports fans who enjoy highly-skilled, fast-paced basketball.  We will develop and nurture relationships with our community schools, churches, and parks by establishing unique programs tailored to each individual audience.  As the William Tucker University school team, we stress education and “reaching for higher heights,:” the moto of our school.
“I was watching America’s Got Talent recently and one judge told a contestant, “You’re just what America needs right now,:” added Newman.  “And I thought that’s what the ABA is all about…the league makes job creation, community service, inclusion and affordability a priority – and having a university-based team
fits our mold.  WE are very excited about this and we are looking forward to working with Ms. Brown.”
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