Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the Bronx Holy Flames will be a part of the ABA next season.and could possibly play a few travel games this season.  “This is really an interesting group of three guys who have gotten together to create this team,” stated  ABA CEO Joe Newman.  “Each of them has an interesting story and all have one thing in common – their love of basketball.  I think this is going to be an exciting team and a great addition to the ABA.”
Giovanni “Geo” Concepcion grew up in the South Bronx in a Christian home despite all of the poverty and gang violence.  Growing up he played music and sports to stay channeled and focused.  “At an early age, God put it in my heart to preach through music and basketball,” commented Concepcion.  “Although I had the opportunity to play music in church and to coach sports, that dream seemed distant until God came calling again in 2007 and blessed me with a music ministry called United -Venceramos.  I spent the next few years organizing and promoting many concerts and other Christian vents as well as managing various music ministries of all genres.  In late 2011,  along with Danny Gonzalez, we began the process of opening a record label named DGU Records (Don’t Give Up) which launched in 2012.  I am greatly honored  to be a part of the ABA..Frankie, Angelo and I are looking forward to bringing an exciting brand of entertainment to the
Bronx and the league and to making a difference in the community.”
Frankie “Junior” Quinones started his basketball career at the Henry Street Settlement located on the lower east side of Manhattan.  Learning his basketball skills there, he played varsity basketball at Seward Park High School and then went on to earn his Associates Degree from the University of New York Collegwe of Technology at Delphis where he majored in Recreation and Sports Management and became very involved with NJCAA men’s and women’s basketball including being a sports announcer.  He went on to major
in Rhetoric and Communications at the University of Albany.  Upon graduation, he served as Asst Coach of the Boys and Girls Republic also located on the lower east side moving on to become head coach of the Henry Street Settlement middle school program.  He is now working as a pre-school teacher at a private school in NYC..”and now my biggest accomplishment is being co-owner of the ABA Bronx Holy Flames…it doesn’t get much better than that,” added Quinones.
Angelo Melendez grew up as a troubled teen from the streets – fighting, doing drugs and selling them in the Mottt Haven section of the Bronx.  “Sports was always the best resort besides getting into trouble.  I did my share of bad and I realize now how much football, baseball and especially basketball has helped many in my neighborhood even if it didn’t help me completely because I dropped out and took to the streets,” said
Melendez.  “Basketball was always there and now 35 years old as one of the survivors from my block.
My objective as part of the Bronx Holy Flames is to enforce this as a way out for the youth but not just basketball, but music also. I’ve done my share of both and know it’s time to give back with the talents that Jesus our Lord and Savior gave to me.  I’m proud of the Holy Flames movement. It means the world to me, more than money, more than fun, more than a game.  We are here to encourage, inspire and create magic with love and support through music and basketball.  Sometimes if you feel you wasted your life, you can live through others success. I’m a firm believer that its not’ what you’ve done, it’s what you are doing and how your change yourself and your life.”
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