Player to Watch- Zach Andrews of the Scorpions

For Zach Andrews, this is his first season with the Scorpions. But he is definitely not new to the game. Averaging about 12 points a game with 18 points being the highest playing for the Scorpions, he is a monster when he touches the rim. If you heard a monster slam dunk on the court, […]

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Player to Watch- ‘Balloholic’ Demetri Harris

Demetri played for rivals Seattle Mountaineers last season, scored 40 points in his debut for the Balloholics, and has not looked back. He is leading the scoring with 22 points a game, and when he is not flying high on the court, he coaches in the Balloholic youth program, which is the only club of […]

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“We need to see the entire city out” when the team takes the playoffs in Pittsburgh in March

Posted on February 15, 2015 by michaelpellas People always ask why a sports town like ours doesn’t have a professional basketball team. They don’t always know that Pittsburgh has experimented with semi-professional basketball in the past. The Pittsburgh Pipers played in the original American Basketball Association and eventually morphed into the Condors… The Pittsburgh Piranhas […]

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