December 6, 2013

Fresno Griffins team up with AMPTV to take the Valley to the hoops

New partnership looks to bring the Valley to the stands

(FRESNO, CALIF) – Ann Marie Production (AMPTV) dribbles down the court, passes to the Fresno Griffins and slam dunks for the Valley. Ending with a win, AMPTV and the Fresno Griffins have the crowd anxious to watch the local American Basketball Association (ABA) team on Bounce Channels. AMPTV will be the first to broadcast the Fresno Griffins beginning Feb. 2014.

The Fresno Griffins team, created in the 2012-2013 season in Fresno, CA, saw great success and great challenges in its first year.  It overcame all the adversity to reach the playoffs in a testament of true talent and a desire to bring quality basketball to Fresno. A fresh start to the team in January presented the opportunity to name the team based on an airplane.

“Fresno Griffins take great pride in their logo and its affiliation with the 144th Fighter Jet Wing of the Air National Guard that flies out of Fresno,” said Julie Fulcher, Fresno Griffins owner and general manager.  “It’s with great honor that we take the court with a Griffin on our uniform and do our best to uphold the same standard as the brave pilots that defend us.”


In the roller-coaster history of the ABA which began in 1967, folded in 1976 and has made a major comeback in 1999, many great players and teams made their start to stardom such as; the New York Nets, Denver Nuggets, Indiana Pacers, and the San Antonio Spurs.  Fascinating top-notch skill players Julius (“Dr. J”) Erving, Connie Hawkins, George (“Ice”) Gervin, David Thompson, George McGinnis, Artis Gilmore, Moses Malone, Roger Brown and Dan (the “Horse”) Issel dazzled the ABA crowds during its prime and soon left to be stars in the NBA.

Even today, players are not the only ones leaving the ABA to make it big. Wil Hooker, the previous coach of the Fresno Griffins, has moved on to the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies to assist in player development. Left with the knowledge and plays of Coach Wil Hooker is the new head coach Jarrod Vasaurre, ready to lead the team to victory with the starting five players Antonio Odom, LaDarren William, Craig Ash, Shaun Taylor and Jordan Alexander.

Unlike any other basketball teams, the Fresno Griffins are growing into more than just a team of players. They will begin mentorship courses this month to lead and mentor young children from the surround community. Fulcher envisions the team not only building a presence in the community but acting as mentors to the youth throughout the Valley.

“Griffins players will undergo training this month to instill the qualities of true leaders and use that training to enhance the lessons they will teach during the Holiday Basketball Clinics they will be conducting, free of charge, to area youth during this school break,” said Fulcher.

AMPTV will be on the court following the Griffins starting February to catch highlights, slam dunks, great plays, and the behind-the-scene scoops on the players. Prominent TV show hosts Feather Da-Wyz, Ken McCoy and Andre Covington will get the exclusives during games with teams, coaches and players.

“It is exciting that we will be covering the Fresno Griffins. The fact that they are community driven is why AMPTV wanted to be the first to cover them. They deserve exposure in our community,” said Julia Najieb Dudley, CEO of AMPTV.


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AnnMarieProTV, known as Ann Marie Production, LLC, is an independent production company who specializes in premiering exceptional indie television and mobile TV content.  AMPTV is the key local content provider of its regional Bounce TV channels in Fresno, CA:  KAIL TV 7.3, KVHF 4.2, Comcast 190 and Bakersfield, KCBT-LD CA 34.2.