Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the league will be returning to Indianapolis starting in November, 2014.  “Indianapolis was the birthplace of the original ABA; we had a team here in 2000-2001 when the new ABA was formed,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO.  “The timing wasn’t right for it..the league has grown immensely and the time is right now.  We have been waiting for the right owner and we think we have found him in Michael Mullen.”
Michael (Mike) Mullen worked in the NBA for ten years where he helped NBA franchises into the computer age.  He was the first person to fully automate an NBA franchise and was the first to create a commercial basketball website on the worldwide web when he designed and maintained the original basketball site for Prodigy, and managed an international cyber staff of more than 200 volunteer reporters.  He was recognized as the top computer analyst in professional basketball and was acknowledged by the White House and US
Mullen eventually left computers and ventured into other areas of the sporting industry.  He chaired career seminars with numerous professional teamds and with multiple USA Olympic governing bodies.  He also
authored “How to Get a Joe in Sports (Masters Press) and served as GM of historic Venice Arena, former headquarters for Barnum & Bailey Circus in Venice FL.  He currently owns Christian Sports Broadcasting Network, the first and oldest Christian Internet radio network.”
“I have a genuine passion for the ABA,” added Mullen.  “I have known Joe Newman and Dick Tinkham for many years and wondered why we did not have a team in Indianapolis.  Well, we will – and we hope to bring back the excitement of the original ABA recruiting great Hoosier players from IU, Purdue, Butler, Ball State,
IUPUI, Marian, U of Indy and other great area schools – and competing for the ABA Championship in our first year.  We’re looking at a variety of venue options.”  For more information, email
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