The Los Angeles SLAM played the Sichaun Blue Whales of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) in Southern California on Thursday. The Sichaun Blue Whales is the CBA team who just signed Metta World Peace to a contract. The Los Angeles SLAM did not have their full roster of SLAM players due to the Los Angeles Drew League Playoffs. The Los Angeles SLAM played with only 8 players.  The SLAM had one regular SLAM player and the rest of the players were new and reserve players. The SLAM led by 8 to 12 points for most of the game. The Sichaun Blue Whales were able to take the lead with one minute to go. The SLAM tied the game and sent it into overtime. The coach of the Sichaun Blue Whales did not want to play overtime. The game ended in a 95 to 95 tie.

On Saturday 8-2-14 the Los Angeles SLAM took on the CBA powers house Xinjiang Flying tigers.  Xinjiang was defeated this past CBA season by the Beijing Ducks in the CBA Championship,  Xinjiang has been in the CBA Championship series 4 years of the last 6 years. Xinjiang is 4 time runner up. Xinjiang is one of the top two teams in China.

The Los Angeles SLAM played Xinjiang with only 6 players. Xinjiang had 12 players. The Los Angeles SLAM utilized their quickness and athleticism to counter the size of Xinjiang. The SLAM led by as much as 30 points in the 3rd quarter. The final score was 87-64. The los Angeles SLAM won. This was an easy victory for the Los Angeles SLAM.

MR. Don Sanchez

CEO – ABA Summer Pro Basketball League

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