Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the  Montgomery Black Hawks, originally slated to begin play in 2014, has decided to  begin play this season and compete with teams in both the Gulf Coast Division  and Southeast Division.  “The owner, Xaivier Davis, is currently in the US  Navy (a 19-year veteran) and was not sure that he would be ready to play this  season,” stated Joe Newman, ABA CEO.  “But the reception he has received  from the City of Montgomery, fans and sponsors was such that he felt that he  felt he could play at least 20 games this season.  And we are very pleased,  it is a great fit for both divisions.”
“We still have much to do,” added Davis.  “We are looking for a Head  Coach and an Assistant Coach and would welcome resumes.  And of course,  we’ll be holding our tryouts very soon and hope to put together a very  competitive team. Lots to do, not much time to do it.  But, that’s the  challenge. Montgomery is a great city and we are looking forward to making it  proud.”  For more information about the team or coaching,
contact GM Alton Hicks at 706 562 3844 or Xavier Davis at 706 593  5028  or email or visit