Indianapolis, IN.  “But there are many great  markets still available in the US and Canada,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman.  “We’ve grown to become the largest professional sports league in the US for several reasons, among them being that the ABA is the most diversified professional sports league with over 75% of our owners being African-American, Hispanic, Asian or women.  Another reason includes the fact that it is easier to own and operate an ABA team than any other – minimum investment, minimum risk, great profit potential.  And we offer a special program for not-for-profits, veterans, police, fire fighters and teachers that make it even easier.  Finally, our business model is second to none, a model that covers every aspect of sports team ownership.”
“We added to our special program another category – Target Markets,” added Newman.  “A Target Market is a state or region where we greatly want to expand – like New England, North and South Dakota; Montana, Wyoming and Idaho; New Mexico and Utah; Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa and Western Canada. There are many great markets available.  Just not on Mars…yet.”
“Right now, for icing on the cake, our Early Bird Special further reduces the price and makes the terms even better.  Bottom line, if you want to own a great sports team, please fill out the Reserve a Market form, or email me directly at or call 317 844 7502 or visit”