We would like to announce our new COO for South Florida Gold Mark Anoff who has a extensive background in sales and leadership. We are looking forward to a great profitable and exciting season for 2014-2015. South Florida Gold is proud to announce many changes coming up next season including new logos and many exciting Sponsors for our team and introducing National Sponsors for the ABA worldwide. Thank you Joe for the Platform you provide for our team to show our talented young men and we look forward to next season. We are happy to report most of our team players have moved on to the next step in their journey in an overseas or NBDL arena and isn’t that what the ABA is all about. We are so proud to help these fine gentlemen grow in the career they love and wish them much success. South Florida Gold is looking now at a mainstream TV deal for our team this year, as of now we do not know if the games will be live or prime time. Baby steps is what our team is taking for the fan exposure of ABA Basketball.
Again South Florida Gold thanks Joe Newman and his great staff of the ABA for what they provide everyday for us!
As I always say “Without the ABA doing what they do for us, we would just be a bunch of guys getting together putting a ball through a hoop! We appreciates all your commitment and effort to making this the greatest platform of Basketball in over 90 cities and abroad.
Michale Anthony Watson
President and Owner
South Florida Gold
ABA Professional Basketball Team
170 NE 2nd Street #591
Boca Raton, Florida 33429-0591