Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the South Texas Stingrays are set to play this season.  “We are very pleased to add the Stingrays to the Southwest Division because it brings back a veteran of the ABA, Marlon Minifee, and adds another strong team to an excellent division,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman.  “With Marlon’s great experience on and off the court and with the people he has with him, I have no doubt that they will be very successful.”
Shooting Stars Sports and Entertainment is a full service company providing a wide variety of services for professional athletes, companies, corporations, communities and youth organizations.  Based in South Texas, a place regarded as one of the “fattest regions” in America according to a study conducted by the American Obesity Association, Shooting Stars have taken a firm stance in the fight against obesity by providing programs and events to combat the problem.  Through the development of elite camps, clinics, leagues, teams and special events for children and adults ranging from grass roots level programs to more advanced programs, they are able to promote healthy activity and a healthy lifestyle for the people of their community  and in the communities where their programs are conducted.
Shooting Stars has aligned themselves with an impressive group of community partners in efforts to increase their effectiveness as a voice in their community.  Their alliance with community partners enables them to provide the families of their community with a quality and entertaining product.  Shooting Stars has compiled a list of celebrity clients including George Hill of the Indiana Pacers, Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs and many more, to provide kids and families with the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to interact with professional athletes.  Other services provided by the Shooting Stars Sports & Entertainment include player management and development, personal training, artist management and development, charitable community event coordinating, celebrity bookings for appearances, performances and more.
Marlon Minifee added, “The mission of Shooting Stars Sports and Entertainment is to utilize every resource at our disposal to create elite and effective programs and services.  Our goal is to use our programs and services as a platform to promote healthy activity and lifestyles for the people in and around our community.  We believe the South Texas Stingrays will enhance the program immensely and I am very pleased to be back in the ABA.”
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